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 Dataset IDTitleFirst AuthorVersionLast modified
Select 10400E-granary dataAdewole_Olagoke1.2.112024-02-01
Select 11080Metadata for Upscale baseline general informationDave_Ireri1.3.32022-10-12
Select 11100Metadata for baseline survey household members characteristicsDave_Ireri1.2.62022-10-12
Select 11140Metadata for baseline survey plot characteristicsDave_Ireri1.3.62022-10-12
Select 11220Metadata for baseline survey communication assetsDave_Ireri1.3.32022-10-12
Select 11240Metadata for baseline survey furniture assetsDave_Ireri1.3.62022-10-12
Select 11260Metadata for baseline survey jewelry assetsDave_Ireri1.4.42022-10-12
Select 11280Metadata for baseline survey transport assetsDave_Ireri1.4.42022-10-12
Select 11300Metadata for baseline survey farm implementsDave_Ireri1.4.32022-10-12
Select 11320Metadata for baseline survey owned animalsDave_Ireri1.4.42022-10-12

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Note: The three digits in dataset version indicate: 1. reuse times of the metadata 2. observation update times 3. metadata update times.

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